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The components are what matter! High quality office and gaming chairs offer the user many years of service. At MAXNOMIC® we use only quality components and materials to meet this need… put them to the test!
All MAXNOMIC®  chairs are assembled with professional “4D” armrests allowing four directions of adjustment: HEIGHT: Eight position height adjustment (convenient control knob under the arm rest) SIDE TO SIDE WIDTH: Three adjustable positions left to right using a control knob SIDE TO SIDE TILT: Angles adjustable to 11 degrees with fixed positions FORWARD AND BACK: Five adjustable positions (with control knob) Our padded armrests are soft, easy to clean and provide maximum comfort. Dimension of armrests: 10cm wide by 26.5cm long (4” by 10.5”) Height adjustment +/- 9cm (4 inches)


The large standard safety base on all MAXNOMIC®  chairs is highly durable and stable.   This high-quality aluminum base has a diameter of 70cm (27.5 inches) and is built to last -- wide, sturdy support that doesn’t wobble! Other manufacturers use smaller or even plastic bases – We never do that on our chairs!   The black, slightly matte gloss finish is resistant to scratching. It is easy to clean and creates an elegant, yet sporty look.


The large and durable tilt mechanism, standard on all MAXNOMIC® chairs, provides the highest level of comfort and incredible strength. The mechanism is adjustable not only in height, but also in seat angle. “Rocking” in position is possible once the seat is set to the desired position. Adjustments: Height: 10cm (4 inch) adjustability Seat Angle: Five fixable positions With this mechanism the whole chair can be tilted up to 11 degrees! By using the knob under the seat, the amount of back support tension is adjustable and balanced to the weight of the user.


Our safety seat backs are highly adjustable. From a 90 degree upright position, they recline 49 degrees  and lean forward approximately 7 degrees – a total of 56 degrees of adjustability. Combined with the five position tilt-mechanism, this increases to 67 degrees, allowing a relaxed reclining position without the danger of flipping over. Because the back and seat portion of the chair may be adjusted independently, every user can find his or her perfect position. The seat back also positions slightly forward to allow support of the spine when leaning in to your work – an added ergonomic feature.


Built in to our OFFICE-COMFORT category is a freely-adjustable lumbar support system taller users will appreciate. By rotating the knob, you control the amount of pressure to comfortably support the spine. Every model of the OFFICE-COMFORT category comes with this adjustable lumbar support in the backrest; you’ll find the additional control knob on the side.


One of the most important, but often ignored, parts of a chair is the gas lift cylinder – the part that keeps your seat at the proper height. We use only CLASS 4 gas lift cylinders for durability and ease of use. (Standard in this category is usually class 2 or 3). These gas cylinders are extremely strong, long lasting, and support up to 180kg (400 pounds). They provide freely adjustable height of +/- 10cm (4 inches)


The standard casters for our MAXNOMIC® chairs are suitable for nearly every floor surface. The treads have a PU (polyurethane) coating with wide wheels, evenly distributing weight to provide better mobility. Our free rolling casters do NOT use braking mechanisms that could damage your floor (should you forget to unlock them). The PU (polyurethane) coating creates casters that are quiet and easy gliding. Wheel diameter approximately 5cm (2 inches), PU wheel “tread” is 1.2cm (.5 inches) wide per wheel.


More information and accessories are available at  NEEDforSEAT®
When you order from NEEDforSEAT® online, you’ll receive these practical head and lumbar pillows free with your chair* . Head Pillow: Soft luxurious velour with hollow fiber filling, embroidered MAXNOMIC® logo, elastic band with anti-slip coating on the back side. Fully machine washable in water up to 30C/86F (gentle cycle). Size: 29 (W) x 18 (H) x 11 (D) cm (11.5 x 7 x 4.5 inches). Lumbar Support Pillow: the same fluffy velour fabric with molded cold cure foam filling. The cover is removable for washing using a gentle cycle and water up to 30C/86F. Size: 31 (W) x 18 (H) x 7 (D) cm (12 x 7 x 4.5 inches) *Chairs in the OFFICE-COMFORT category provide built-in adjustable lumbar support and do not come with the lumbar support pillow.